The Transformation.


The King family has been in the pig business for over 30 years. They started as a commercial production farm supplying high quality slaughter pigs for roughly two decades. However, when the son took over, he wanted to take the family business a notch higher and pushed the idea of having a breeding farm instead. The son’s passion for pigs enabled him to succeed in this edeavor. They started the program with only 20 landrace, 10 largewhite and 2 duroc pure bred females handpicked from their wide sow herd selection.


With the help of AI technology and frequent semen importation, practically from almost all the best and reputable AI centers in the world and random pig importations, they were able to upgrade and infuse the best genetics they could possibly get. At present, their herd is composed of 90% Landrace, 5% Largewhite and 5% Duroc GGP and GP sows. The complete transformation from Commercial Farming to Purebred Breeding Farm requires great dedication, focus and a lot of patience. Certainly, not an easy feat.

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